Superiority and drawbacks of shopping with an e-commerce website

Shopping is hassling when it comes to visiting the various websites and hence, today, people do prefer to go with online shopping. Nothing is satisfying and convenient other than shopping online. The world has evolved and today, during the pandemic, online shopping or e-commerce has rescued the needs of many people. Be it clothing or essentials, all the things are delivered at your doorstep and not only it provides convenience shopping but provides you with offers, discounts, and cashback. 

To know the quick view about the pros and cons, go through the mentioned points:

Superiority or Advantages

Saves the time

Since online shopping has been introduced, people are GAGA over the services they provide. Saving time today is an essential part of life as it helps the people to invest it in some other thing. You can simply visit the websites, browse whatever you want, make the payment, and get it delivered at your doorsteps. 

Convenience shopping from the corner of the home

It becomes easy for users to shop conveniently from the corner of the home. Simply lie down on your couch or bed and scroll the various apps and choose the products that you want and shop from the comfort of your house. You do not have to leave your home, visit various shops, bargain, and shop. You simply have to sit on the couch, open the app, and shop whatever amazes your eyes. 

Accessing a wide variety

While shopping from stores, we have access to only limited things. You either have to roam to 10 shops and then find something that fits you. Sometimes, we even shop the items that do not fit us properly and end up spending again on alteration, but the wide collection allows you to choose the right size. Also, sometimes, we cannot find clothing, accessories, and many other things as per our choices. E-commerce websites allow us and give us access to shop from a wide range. The best thing is no person has to visit various shops. 

Amazing discounts and offers and Cashback

No one wishes to shop without offers and discounts. The e-commerce websites make the users available with discounts and offer such as Amazon offers, Myntra Coupon codes, and Adidas Voucher codes that help the shoppers shop unstoppably. Also, some of the websites such as CouponsLord help the customer win some eligible Cashback. Cashback provided by CouponsLord is an extra one and helps you choose to shop again with them. Discounts and offers are always mentioned on CouponsLord and this helps the users to get all the coupons and codes mentioned on one website due to which shopping becomes easy.

Price comparison

While shopping with physical stores, you need to compare the prices at least from 3-4 shops and for that you need to visit various shops. Your legs might pain, but still, you might not find the product as per your budget. Why not check the e-commerce websites? You simply can choose the brands you need to shop from and compare the price without leaving your comfy corner. 

Not only this there are various benefits of shopping with e-commerce websites but there are also some of the drawbacks of shopping with e-commerce websites. 

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Drawbacks of choosing e-commerce websites

Lack of interactivity

A lot of users do shop only from the shops they are aware of. While we shop, the retailer or the seller interacts with us and this helps us to grab some amazing thing. While you shop online, you cannot initiate a talk with customer care support team members, but you cannot talk with the retailer or seller. This lack of interactivity sometimes may not help the search engines to know well what you want.

Lack of close examination

A customer has to pay what is mentioned and a lot of time, the product doesn’t arrive as it is displayed. Sometimes, the products that we purchase are not as per our choice, appearance, or doesn’t match the image. While we visit the physical store, we can examine the material, appearance, and many other things. Lack of close examination is a drawback due to which most of the people do avoid making a purchase. 

Delay in delivery

While we shop from the physical store, we simply can choose the products and take them home. While you shop with e-stores, you need to wait until the delivery arrives. One of the boring things about shopping with e-stores is to delay in delivery. We usually do order food and do get mad while waiting for 30-35 minutes, but waiting for 1-2 weeks and sometimes 3 weeks is what makes you lose your interest in the product too. 

Lack of shopping experience

Most Indians do prefer the old and traditional method of shopping and that is visiting the shops and shopping. This experience takes the shopping experience to a different level. The atmosphere in the shops, sales attendants, sounds, and many other things helps you enjoy shopping. Personal interaction during shopping is what makes it go to a different level and while you shop with e-stores, all this is missing. 

Frauds in online shopping

Now that most of the people are used to online shopping, the online frauds also have increased. You must have heard of recent OLX fraud and there are number of other frauds that are carried out. Sometimes, the shopping sites vanish away, the sites are not secure to make a payment and many other things are involved. Hence, the retailers as well as the customer have to be alert. Hence, some people due to lack of security do not prefer to shop online. 

The disadvantages or drawbacks do not affect the growth much. People today do completely rely on online shopping rather than going for in-store purchases. 

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