Top 10 essential things that you need to carry in your bag

Skin care is something that no women would like to skip any day. You must follow a proper skin care routine, even while you travel. There are certain basic skin care products that you always need to keep handy. If you’re travelling and want to still have some skin, then do use, compact products of the below-mentioned list to carry the products without much hassle.

Good face wash

Cleansing is what day starts with and it is an important part of skin care routine. Hence, women are recommended that they do choose the right face wash as per the skin type. Every face wash is available in a compact size and you can choose to have one so that you can carry in your bag. Ensure that you do not use harsh products as this can cause a breakout on the skin.

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Effective toner

Tonner though can be skipped, but is essential as it helps to maintain a pH level of your skin. If you have acne-prone skin, then do not forget to use a toner that contains salicylic acid so that the breakouts can be eased. Do use hydrating toner so that it can help your skin breathe.

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Cleansing is done, toning is done, and now comes the moisturizer. Having a good moisturizer is necessary as it lets your skin breathe under makeup and strengthens the barrier between your skin and makeup. Look into that you use different and light moisturizer during day time. If you have acne-prone skin use an oil-free moisturizer. If you don’t understand much, get your hands on MamaEarth oil-free products and apply MamaEarth coupons code to get a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer at an affordable price under one roof.

Now that the most essentials are carried, some other things can help you maintain good skin and is responsible for good skin care.

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Vitamin C serum

Vitamin C serums are essential for your skin care routine so that it can help your skin repair. Usually, vitamin C serum products are used to lighten the scars on your skin. Even if you don’t have any, you can start using this serum today as this can help your skin feel rejuvenated.

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Now, this cannot be skipped even if you’re in a hurry. The most essential part of the skin care routine is sunscreen. Sunscreen cannot be skipped even if you stay indoor so how can you avoid it while going outdoor? Sunscreen helps to prevent your skin from damage caused due to Sunrays.

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Eye cream

This is the essential required as a treatment.  The dark circles and puffiness can be managed with the help of eye cream. While applying the eye cream, use the weakest finger so that you do not cause any damage to the eye area.

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Acne spot serum

This is considered mostly during the nights so that your skin gets time to heal the specific area. Spot correcting treatment is known today as these serums help to lighten or fade the scars that occur due to acne. This serum is only applied to the scar or the acne-prone area to treat the affected skin. Do not use too much of it only a single dab of serum is fine. If you’re unaware of any such serum you can check out MamaEarth’s Acne skin correct face serum acne scar removal cream. Also, while you purchase with MamaEarth via CouponsLord, you become eligible to win cashback

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Face oil

People do have a misconception that the use of face oil can make the skin oily but this is not the right side. The fact is face oils help to hydrate the skin as well as helps to soften the skin. The face oils are to be used during the night and they mostly contain rational, alpha hydroxyl acids and other face oils that help to boost the moisture of the skin.

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Makeup remover

Makeup remover is one of the important parts of the routine. You can carry a small bottle of rose water or coconut oil that helps to remove the makeup and then you can start with the skincare routine.

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Lip balm

When it comes to skincare, we do forget about the lips most of the time. Ladies, your smile matters the most and it is necessary that you do not forget to look after your juicy lips. Ensure that you do use lip scrubs and lip balms to keep your lips hydrated and removes the dry skin on your lips.

The mentioned products are available in a compact size and keeping them all in the same pouch or bag can help you use them handy and maintain a good skin

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