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Top 10 Makeup and Skincare Essentials you can try-out this Summer

Often when we think about summer season we get this feeling of being sweaty and having a nasty body odour. But, it doesn’t have to be like that. Here I’m going to share skincare essentials tips on some of the great products that can keep you smelling fresh and at the same time can make your skin feel supple and give that natural glow.

Now for us girls we usually opt for a sleeveless crop top or a short skirt or denim to flaunt our beautiful glowing skin and legs.

But at times get insecure about our pigmentation and dark spots. But you do have to worry about that anymore.

I’m going introduce you to some products that can legit change your life at the same time won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Here are some skincare essentials products list that you must put in your collection or can help you to setup your beauty kit if you are beginner:



Facewash - Couponslord

Now depending on your skin type you can select a good facewash that will wash off the dirt and gunk but wont strip the skin out of its natural moisture.

And for that you can use a Pears fresh renewal facewash retails for 150 Rs for 60g which is very gentle on the skin.

It can be used by a person with a very normal skin type, also you can purchase it at any local pharmacy or beauty shop. You can save your money by using health & beauty discounts coupons available at couponslord.

Next, for oily and acne prone skin type you can use a gentle facewash which is of course dermatologically tested.

Like for instance Neutrogena oil-free acne wash which retails for 600 Rs for 175 ml but if this is a bit pricey for you, you can use Biotique bio neem purifying facewash which retails for 249 Rs for 200 ml.

Now, for dry skin type try to use a facewash that will leave your skin feeling supple even after cleansing and for that you can use Biotique bio honey gel refreshing foaming facewash that retalis for 375 Rs for 200ml, you can also use Nivea milk delights moisturizing honey facewash which retails for 165 Rs for 100ml.

So now for skin with a concerns like darkness,pigmentation or tan you can use products with natural ingredients that have skin brightening and healing properties that will help you to get even skin tone without being harsh on the skin.

Hence, for that you can use WOW skin science brightening vitamin C facewash that retails for 249 Rs for 100ml. Also ypou can opt for Mamaearth ubtan facewash with turmeric and saffron for tan removal which retails for 249 RS for 100ml.



Regardless of what is the weather its very essential to exfoliate the dead skin off your skin surface, which helps to open pores and renew the skin.

Hence, for this you can use Everyuth naturals hydrating and exfoliating walnut apricot scrub which retails for 130 Rs for 100ml.

Also you can use Beauty Co. De tan coffee that retails for 399 Rs for 100gm this scrub can be used everywhere on your body.



Moisturizer helps your skin to achieve that extra glow and suppleness and over makes it look good.

For this you can try products like, Lakme peach milk moisturizer SPF 24 which for 350 Rs for 200ml.

Also Biotique bio morning nectar visibly flawless skin moisturizer that retails for 199 Rs for 120ml is a great moisturizer.



No matter how sunny or cloudy the weather is you should make it a habit to wear sunscreen every single day as it helps your skin fight against harmful UV rays of sun and protects our skin against aging.

For an affordable option in sunscreen you can use Lakme sun expert tinted sunscreen in 50 SPF that retails for 520 Rs for 100gm.

Also Neutrogena dry touch sunblock SPF 50+ that retails for 549 Rs

For 88gms is a greater option for sunscreen.

Facial wipes

Facial wipes

Instead of deep cleansing skin, facial wipes can also be used to clean skin and the same time retain natural moisture of the skin.

Also these come in very handy and can be used for that refreshing effect while your out in the sun.

For this you can try out Himalaya moisturising aloe vera facial wipes which retails for 100 Rs for 25 pcs, also the Kara jojoba and avocado wipes are a better option and these retail for 175 Rs for 30 pcs.


Always keeping a anti-perspirant or roll-on handy in your bag is always a better option in summer to keep smelling good and feel refresh all the time.

Rexona shower fresh underarm odour protection roll on that retails for 125 Rs for 50 ml is good for smelling good all day long, also Nivea deodorant roll on.

Whitening smooth skin that retails for 185 Rs for 50 ml can be used for that effect whitening on underarms.

Lip balm

Lip balm

For that luscious and kissable lips you can use natural lips that will provide you lips with saturation of moisture and a tint. Try using lip balm with a SPF 20 for sheilding your lips against harmful sun rays.

For so you can use Maybelline New York baby lips color balm with SPF 20 which retails for 175 Rs for 4 gms.

Also Nivea lip care in original care is a basic lip balm that can be used which retails for 140 Rs for 4.8 gms.


A pro tip in skincare essentials is to wear clothes with materials like cotton, which is breathable and light on the skin and prevents perspiration.

Tight clothes can motivate itching and make sweat-soaked pieces more tingly. These conditions can lead to rashes and in some cases even serious pores and skin problems.

So, this summer do not just take care of your face however in fact, be careful about each and everything.

And the most important thing for in a successful skincare routine is the removal of makeup at the end of the day or at night, so that the skin has time to heal overnight and rejuvenate.

Trust me if you do so , the effort will be reciprocated and your skin will thank you.

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